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Keeping in Touch: Newstead Wood School Former Pupils

Newstead is pleased to announce the formalisation of our alumni network in partnership with the Future First scheme.  If you were once a student at Newstead, we want you to get in touch!

How to Join the Network

You can sign up to Newstead’s Alumni scheme by visiting the Future First registration page by clicking here.

Alternatively, you can contact Louise Badelow, Director of Careers and Guidance by emailing

Giving Something Back

We have invited former students to speak at many school events and are building our network with our alumni community. Individuals have visited the school recently to take part in Careers Seminars, our Careers Fair held every two years the last of which was held in November , Senior Prize Giving, running sessions during our Academic Tutoring Days, assisting with Mock Interviews and working with Department Heads to inspire students in their specialist subjects and career areas. We are very proud our alumni, their achievements and the inspiration they provide to current students.

Helping Others

We are confident that there are many more former Newstead students who would be prepared to help the current members of their old school either by speaking at Careers events, meeting with students who are interested in their particular area of study or work, offering work experience, mentoring a student who needs career guidance or to support a department. You can have a dramatic impact upon how our students see the world and their place within it.