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The curriculum at Newstead Wood is developed with a focus on nurturing and enhancing our students’ academic potential alongside an extensive enrichment programme and supportive pastoral system.

At KS3 and KS4 students study a broad range of subjects. A number of twilight options including Latin, Japaneese, Dance and Engineering are also on offer.

Our KS5 curriculum is centered around A’levels with an extensive enrichment and elective provision in place.

Our careers guidance is a key askect of all key stages and is a strength of Newstead Wood. Our students are able to access first class support and guidance to ensure they make the right decisions at each stage of their learning.

Our students have always taken responsibility for running and participating in a range of extra-curricular programmes for themselves and others. The programme varies in any given year to reflect the interests and passions of the students. In addition, there are established peer and academic mentoring programmes between students in different year groups as well as with students from local primary schools, providing one-to-one as well as group support in a range of subjects.

This approach to our curriculum is a key driver in delivering the aims of our Mission Statement.

For subject specific information about each subject at KS3, 4 and 5, please click the relevant link on the right hand side.