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Independent Study

Independent study is a vital part of learning and developing in Latin . The ‘Learning to Fly’ document gives guidance on the kinds of habits and practices we ask you to develop in Latin and we consider these to be the most important element of your routine of independent learning. Your teachers will also give you regular pieces of directed homework to develop your skills and understanding.

At Key Stage 3 we expect you to spend 30 minutes a week reviewing your learning and completing homework tasks. Targeted homework tasks may cover aspects of vocabulary, grammar, translation and comprehension.  You are also expected to set yourself your own programme for regular revision of all aspects of grammar and consolidation of vocabulary.

At Key Stage 4 homework tasks will focus on the preparation and consolidation of the GCSE set texts and the prescribed GCSE vocabulary list. Translation and comprehension of other passages relating to Roman history and mythology will also feature in readiness for the GCSE language paper. You are expected to set yourself your own programme for regular revision of all aspects of the course. You should spend at least an hour a week on homework.

To support your learning:

  • We will always give you at least a week to complete a piece of homework.
  • We will always give you homework which is purposeful and which will have an impact on your learning and skills development.
  • We will give you clear guidance about how to complete the homework when it is set.
  • We will acknowledge the work you put in and do all we can to give you useful written or verbal feedback in good time.

In return, we expect you to:

  • Complete homework at a time and place when you can focus quietly on it.
  • Focus on the task.
  • Ask your teacher for help in advance of the due date if you are unsure how to complete the task.
  • Be ambitious in every piece of work, e.g by using new vocabulary, grammar and idioms
  • Always spend time planning and checking your work.
  • Don’t worry about making mistakes - they are the best way to learn.
  • Read and act on the feedback you are given.