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Independent Study


Doing homework you will increase the quality of your drawing skills, learn more about the observable world, and improve your research skills. This will lead to improved work and better marks.

Why does it matter?

Drawing and observing the world improves your understanding of the world. They are also transferable skills into other subjects.


Quantity and frequency of homework


Homework is normally set every 2 weeks. That is to say you'll do one hours homework over two weeks.


Homeworks maybe set weekly or fortnightly. As you move up into year 11 type of homework do you do will be related to the needs of the practical work you are on at the time.


At the beginning of the year all students do the same homework. After that homework is tailored to your needs depending on which stage of the project you are on.


Quality and impact of homework

·         All homework you do will be directly related to the project you're working on at                     that time.

·         All homework will be marked promptly with feedback on what went well and what you           can improve on.

·         The type of homework will vary from copying an artist, research, drawing from life,              and general experimentation


Student expectations

·         Complete homework at a time and place when you can focus quietly on it.

·         Spend the whole of the prescribed time focusing on the task.

·         Ask your teacher for help in advance of the due date if you are unsure how to                       complete the task or if you want advice and guidance.

·         Read and act on the feedback you are given.

·         Ensure that you have a good set of quality art materials to enable you to do your                   homework to the highest level. This includes soft pencils, 2B etc and some paints

·         If homework is not going well leave it and come back to it later.

·         If you restart your work do not cross out the one you have abandoned