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Learning to Fly

These are the skills and habits which outstanding students of Physical Education develop. Do as many of these as possible to become completely independent in the subject and to develop the skills and knowledge needed to attain 8/9 at GCSE and A* at A Level. Remember that just doing what your teacher tells you - in your lessons and beyond - is not enough to develop your full potential in the subject.

In your lessons

·         Always consider improvements in your performance and critically evaluate these

·         Use videos to analyse our performance and store these

·         Peer assess and use assessment of someone else to explain a theory

·         Apply theory in practical and vice versa, always think of examples

·         Ask questions from ‘beyond lessons’ / current sports and own performance

·         Relate your theory to a practical scenario where possible, as this will help you                           understand and show you can apply your knowledge.

·         Challenge yourself to achieve and try your best at all times, maintaining focus and                     determination even in areas that you aren’t so keen on.


Between your lessons

·         Write mark schemes for 8 and 6 mark questions

·         Structure answers using DEL technique

·         Create a template that works for you

·         Prepare questions for the teacher

·         Research beyond the curriculum

·         Know the GCSE overview mapping

·         Look over your work to consolidate knowledge

·         Use past papers and mark schemes from the exam board to help you learn and                           understand why certain marks have/haven’t been given to answers.

·         Keep your fitness levels up

·         Video any sporting activities you do for evidence/grading and useful for you to analysis y           your own performances and set targets.


Beyond your lessons

-       Coach younger years

-       Find out about previous, current and future events in sport

-       Read newspaper articles and get BBC sports app on phone

-       Learn a new sport

-       Continue to go to clubs in and out of school

-       Compare your performance to elite sport

-       Film and analyse performance with friends

Of course we recognise that our students have busy lives and that this level of engagement is not always possible all the time - but this is what you should aim for if you want to reach the highest level in the subject. You don’t need to do ALL of these things to improve - just doing one or two of them will have an impact. Decide on two or three to focus on to improve your skills.