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Learning to Fly

These are the skills and habits which outstanding students of Science develop. Do as many of these as possible to become completely independent in the subject and to develop the skills and knowledge needed to attain 8/9 at GCSE and A* at A Level. Remember, whilst your teachers are here to support your progression, to achieve your very best, you should broaden your science experience outside the classroom.

In your lessons

  • Follow instructions carefully and have a go. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes.
  • Ask and answer questions in lessons to develop your science literacy and address misconceptions.
  • Listen carefully to other students and the teacher, as this will help.
  • Thinking critically about your own work and finding ways to improve it.
  • Thinking about ways in which new knowledge you encounter in the lesson fits in with what you already know.
  • Make use of your checklists to ensure that you are progressing.

Between your lessons

  • Ensure that all of your classwork is complete, this includes sticking in sheets flat etc and copying up missed work.
  • Looking back over your notes and activities from the last lesson.
  • Reading ahead in textbook etc to familiarise yourself with upcoming topics.
  • Try all work on your own, go to see your teacher to ask for clarification and guidance if needed.

Beyond your lessons

●       Try to engage in Science outside the classroom in a way that interest you. You might try:-

o   Podcasts from the BBC

o   Free lectures at Universities (eg UCL Friday lecture)

o   Looking for Science developments in newpapers

o   Watching documentaries eg Horizon specials

o   Reading Science magazine eg New Scientist

o   Visiting museums eg Science Museum

o   Talking to your friends and family about Science.

●       Keeping a log of scientific key terms you encounter and look up their definitions.

In Science, you may find some topics more difficult than others, but by attempting some of these you might find that it gets more interesting or easier.