Newstead Wood School

Newstead Wood School

Learning to Fly

These are the skills and habits which outstanding students of Art develop. Do as many of these as possible to become completely independent in the subject and to develop the skills and knowledge needed to attain 8/9 at GCSE and A* at A Level. Remember that just doing what your teacher tells you - in your lessons and beyond - is not enough to develop your full potential in the subject.

In your lessons

·         Ask specific questions about work that you do not understand.

·         Whilst doing practical work ask yourself how you can improve what you are doing.

·         Keep focused on the task at hand; avoid distracting or being distracted by other students.

·         Think about the skills you are using in Art and ask yourself how this may connect with other               subjects.


Between your lessons

  • Annotate sketches and research - only include factual details where necessary (name of artist/ materials or media used) Long biographies of an artist are not needed, we are more interested in your personal response and how you could develop any research in your own work.
  • Look at artworks on the internet
  • Use words from word lists in class and from worksheets
  • Prepare to discuss artworks / techniques (your own and other artists)
  • Come into do practical work during study periods and lunchtimes. Make appointments with specialist teacher for additional advice on practical work.


Beyond your lessons

·         Visit galleries, concerts take photos of places of interest, keep a visual diary journal of objects           and people around you

·         Good quality art programs on television. iPlayer is a very good source for this.

·         Discuss with friends what Art you like and ask them what art what they are fond of.

·         Enjoy the Arts in its broadest sense. Go to galleries, the theatre, cinema, music recitals and             gigs.

·         Keep a secret sketchbook with private thoughts and images – which you can choose to share or           not

·         Explore a different medium you have never tried before

·         Talk to a family member about their art practice

·         Use drawings to explain a maths or science project

·         Doodle / draw in lessons – it helps you remember things and learn