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Year 10 PE (GCSE)

Congratulations to the 2015-2017 cohort who just received 100% A* in the Practical GCSE Examination!

Guidance for parents

What will students study in GCSE PE this year?

Students will have two hours of GCSE PE a week as well as two hours of curriculum PE.  One of the GCSE lessons is practically based and the other theoretical.  By December of year 11 students will have chosen there four best sports to use for their GCSE practical moderation.  The practical assessment is worth 40% of the final grade and the theory exam is worth 60% of the final grade.

During year 10 students will start to plan the sports that they will use for the practical aspect of the PE exam, which will take place in the spring term of year 11.  During lesson time, the class will be taught and assessed throughout focusing on 3 different sports.  These sports may include netball, badminton, football, golf, table tennis, swimming or any others that the majority of the class wish to use as part of their final assessment.

Lessons are tailored towards the student’s needs and they will be given specific individual advice on how to improve.  If students wish to use a sport that is not taught in lesson time then they may be assessed either on a lunch time or after school.  Students can also provide video evidence which should be handed in to her PE teacher.

Students will study a number of theory aspects based on the AQA specification to broaden their knowledge in order to answer questions set in the written examination and also to be more competent in the assessed practical work.

What are the major assessments this year?

Throughout their practical work students will be continually assessed and a formal grade is given to them at the end of each unit of work. Students are encouraged to video any sports which are unable to be assessed in school and hand this video evidence in to their teacher.  At the end of every theory topic students will have an end of unit test where progress can be tracked.  Students will sit a GCSE mock paper during their year 10 exams.

What will the current performance grade be based on, and what do the levels mean?

The current performance grades will be based on all the work that students’ have completed up to that date.  This will include all theoretical and practical work that has been assessed.  The practical grades will be broken down so that students have a clear understanding of which sport has achieved which grade.

What should my daughter do if she feels she is struggling in the subject?

Your daughter should speak to her teacher as soon as she realises she is struggling.  Extra help, guidance and advice will be provided for your daughter to ensure she gains the highest grades possible.  If necessary your daughter should also attend extra sports clubs to improve her skill level.

How can I support my daughter in Year 10?

Please support your daughter by enabling her to get video evidence of any sports that are unable to be assessed in school.  Look at the criteria on the AQA specification to ensure that all the relevant components of the sport are being videoed.  Please continue to support her with any outside school activities, especially the sports that she is electing to use as part of her GCSE exam.  Encourage your daughter to revise thoroughly for end of unit tests.

What kind of independent work should my daughter complete?

Students should regularly attend sports clubs.  The more practice your daughter does in each sport, the more skilled she will become.  Your daughter may be internally assessed during a school club and /or a match.  Your daughter should help coach younger years during lunchtime clubs to consolidate her knowledge and enhance her confidence.  Students should also read sport related articles and be up to date with sporting current affairs.

Who can I contact for further advice and information?

Please feel free to contact the Head of PE, Miss Roots, on  If you would like to do some more research please see