Newstead Wood School

Newstead Wood School

Year 11 Art

Guidance for parents

What students will cover this year in Art?

This year student will do a mock exam and complete their GCSE exam.

What skills are being developed this year in Art?

Students will bring together and develop skills they have worked on since yr7. They will choose their preferred media and set their own home works relating to the mock and the final GCSE exam.

Our expectations of students in Art

We expect students to be independent and proactive in their learning this year. They need to ask for advice when they need it and set themselves appropriate home works.

What they should be doing at home?

Homework is 1½ hours a week. This could be going to a gallery, taking photos, doing sketches, experimenting with media or researching an Artist.

What parents can do to help them make progress?

Check they are doing their homework weekly and keeping up with everything. It is important that students pace themselves and work consistently, not leaving things until the last minute.

Who to contact if there is a problem?

The student needs to talk to the art teacher first if she is struggling with the work. The student can always come in to the Art rooms at lunchtime to catch-up with and finish work.


Ensure they have a good set of materials. The preferred media will vary from student to student so they may need to invest some good quality materials they have not bought before.

Questions parents should ask their children about Art

Discuss the work as it progresses. In Year 11 the projects are done over long period and homework is not set by the teacher each week, but advice is given about what work is being done and how work should be progressing. Ask your daughter if she feels progress is going well and what she needs to move the work forward. After the result of the mock exam ask her if she understands what she needs to do to improve the mark.