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Year 13 History

Guidance for parents

What will students be studying in History this year?

In Year 13, students will study AQA Triumph and Collapse: the USSR 1941-1991 and 100 years of German history 1790-1890. 

What are the major assessments this year?

As well as completing past exam questions for homework, students in Year 13 will sit a mock A level examination and complete an extended essay (coursework) that will make up 20% of their final A level grade.

What will the current performance grade be based on?

Until their mock examination, their current performance will be based on past exam papers that they complete either in class or for homework.  Their mock examination result gives us a much better predictor of how they might do in the summer examination and will be used as evidence of their current performance on their written report.

What should my daughter do if she feels she is struggling in the subject?

Your daughter should speak to her History teacher in the first instance and she may be offered additional support at lunchtime or additional reading to help her understanding of the topic.  She may be paired with a 6th form student subject leader who will be able to support her on a more long term basis. 

How can I support my daughter in Year 13?

The best way to support your daughter is by talking to her about what she is studying in History and  about how she is getting on.  Students should be encouraged to complete homework in a quiet area of the home without the distractions of siblings, television or mobile phones/ipads.  If students are directed to attend additional support sessions at lunchtime, you will be emailed the details and should encourage your daughter to attend these sessions.

What kind of independent work should my daughter be completing?

During Year 13, we strongly encourage students to work as independently as possible to prepare them for undergraduate study.   Moreover, the nature of their controlled assessment requires students to research, plan and write a 4000 essay independently after being taught the content of the 100 years of German history.   The best performing students are those who regularly review their class notes and chapters from their textbook and are therefore more likely to consolidate their historical knowledge and gain a deeper and more developed understanding of the past.

Who can I contact for further advice and information?

Please feel free to contact the History Department at if you have any queries about your daughter’s progress in History.