Newstead Wood School

Newstead Wood School

Attendance and Punctuality

To report and absence call 01689 853626 or email

If a student is going to be absent, parents/carers should call or email the school on the first day before 9.00am, stating the reason for the absence. Parents should continue to inform the school on each day of absence.
If no contact is made by parents/carers explaining the absence on the first day, the school will try to make contact to secure an explanation.
A letter explaining the absence is required when the student returns to school if an email has not already been recieved.
If attendance falls below 95% contact will be made with parents/carers outlining the importance of good attendance and offering support. Attendance will be monitored from this point. If the attendance rate does not improve a home visit may take place or parents/carers will be invited to a formal meeting.
If the absence is ongoing, parents/carers are expected to keep the school informed each day. If the absence is likely to continue, parents/carers can request work for the student to complete which will be sent home.
Either authorised or unauthorised. A child who is persistently absent is at risk of failing to achieve their full potential within the school environment. Persistent absence is defined in legislation as 15% or more absences. A student who is absent for 10 consecutive days will be notified to the local authority.
As part of our commitment to Safeguarding, school will routinely check emails by phoning home to ascertain validity.

Student Guidance

  • The school opens at 7.45am and all students must use the student entrance alongside the Sixth Form Study Centre. Lower school students are not allowed in the Form Rooms until a bell rings at 8.25am. Students who arrive prior to 8.25am must wait at the back of the main hall.
  • Upper school students may use their form rooms if they arrive before 8.25am.
  • Morning registration will take place at 8.35am. A Late Desk is manned in Student Reception and students arriving at school after 8.35am must report to the Late Desk to explain the reason for their late arrival before going on to their Form Rooms.
  • From 8.40am - 9.00am Form Tutors and subject teachers in Period 1 may send students who have incorrect uniform, nail varnish, make-up or jewellery to the late desk. The duty member of staff will confiscate and/or replace items as necessary and keep a record. After consultation with the Director of Learning, repeat visits may lead to a sanction being imposed. Parents/carers will be informed as necessary.
  • Persistent lateness will result in a referral to the Education Welfare Officer.
  • Students have access to lockers and cloakrooms from 8.25am and should have collected books and equipment before 8.35am when they should be at their desk ready to start registration.
  • Students should collect books and equipment and go to the toilet etc. before the bell for afternoon school and should be at their desks ready to start registration at 2.10pm.

    Download our Attendance Matters leaflet for further information.