Newstead Wood School

Newstead Wood School

Sixth Form Expectations

Newstead Wood Sixth Form is part of a school environment

This means that Sixth Form students

  • Share the values of a mixed age community
  • Are role models for younger students
  • Have leadership opportunities through work with peers and younger students
  • Enjoy supportive, individualised working relationships with adults and other students

Consequently, the expectations of Sixth Form students reflect this;

  • Attend and behave appropriately at assemblies and formal school occasions
  • Adhere to the dress code
  • Move around the building in a quiet, efficient manner
  • Display courteous behaviour at all times
  • Show sustained commitment to leadership roles

Newstead Wood Sixth Form is a high achieving, academic Sixth Form
The majority of Sixth Formers go on to higher education
Many will join the professions

How are the best young minds encouraged to develop the self discipline and mindset necessary
for success in school and in life?

  • By taking responsibility for their own learning
  • By developing a maturity in their relationships with peers and teachers
  • By taking part in a range of extra curricular opportunities

Consequently, the expectations of Sixth Form students reflect these aims;

  • Attend (punctually) registrations and all timetabled lessons
  • Remain in school Periods 1-5 every day unless Home Study Leave has been agreed
  • Behave appropriately in all lessons
  • Complete work set on time
  • Use study periods for study
  • Undertake additional activities or research as appropriate

Conforming to these reasonable expectations is a sign of maturity. They support students in
taking responsibility for their own learning and making a significant positive contribution to the
learning of others throughout the school. Failing to meet these requirements suggests a lack of
understanding of their purpose and is poor preparation for greater independence beyond school.