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Resources Committee - Terms of Reference

1.1.            To consider the School's indicative funding, notified annually by the DfES, and to assess its implications for the academy, in consultation with the Headteacher, in advance of the financial year, drawing any matters of significance or concern to the attention of the Governing Body.

1.2.            To contribute to the formulation of the academy’s development plan, through the consideration of financial priorities and proposals, in consultation with the Headteacher, with the stated and agreed aims and objectives of the School.

1.3.            To draw up, agree and present to the Governing Body for approval an annual budget reflecting priorities identified through School self-evaluation and set out in School Development Plan.

1.4.            To draw up medium and long term financial plans for the School, reflecting School priorities and projected income and expenditure including staffing plans and plans relating to the repair, maintenance, development and use of premises, and to recommend action on these plans to the Governing Body.

1.5  To ensure that the Governing Body agrees, defines and operates appropriate financial regulations, procedures and controls that:

1.5.1        clearly define the responsibilities of the Governing Body, its Committees, the Headteacher and Staff;

1.5.2        set delegated authority limits in line with the Scheme of Delegation as approved by the Governing Body;

1.5.3        ensure all returns to the relevant authorities (including, but not limited to, the YPLA, DfE, Companies House, the Charity Commission and HMRC) are made on a timely basis;

1.5.4            monitor the implementation of such financial regulations, procedures and controls in the School.

1.6  To agree effective procedures for monitoring the budget on a regular basis; to consider appropriate reports for the purposes of monitoring (including the annual financial statements subject to external audit); and to report the outcomes of monitoring together with an evaluation of the use of resources and value for money to the Governing Body and make any appropriate recommendations.

1.7  To prepare the financial statement to form part of the annual report of the Governing Body to parents and for filing in accordance with Companies Act and Charity Commission requirements.

1.8  To ensure that the Statement of Internal Control is reviewed and presented, to the Governing Body in the Summer Term of each year. To ensure that the Principles of Best Value (challenge, compare, consult and competition) are central to the School’s management and use of resources.   In particular to ensure that best value is achieved in its purchasing policy and the wider educational policy as set out in the School Development Plan.  To advise generally on the provision of resources and services to the School including (but not limited to):

1.8.1        the setting up of contracts for a variety of services as determined by the Governing Body and to consider, where appropriate, the substitution of in-house services;

1.8.2        the overall staffing provision of the School, including the management structure;

1.8.3        determining the appointment, duties and promotion of all Staff other than the Headteacher (reference should be made to the School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions document as appropriate)

and to advise the Governing Body accordingly.

1.9  To ensure that non-public funds (e.g. voluntary funds, School journey accounts) are accounted for to the same standard as public funds above and to ensure that these are audited annually and presented to the Governing Body.

1.10          To review regularly the distribution of the School Voluntary fund.

1.11          To approve, monitor and review a policy on charging and remissions for School activities.

1.12          To review annually the appointment of External Auditors and recommend to the Governing Body appointment of such External Auditors.

1.13          To consider and review all aspects of insurance which are necessary and desirable for the School, its Staff and Students.

1.14          To ensure that a Register of the Business Interests of Governors and Staff is kept and regularly updated by the Clerk to the Governing Body and that a Gifts and Hospitality Register and Loans Register is maintained by the School.

1.15          To advise the Governing Body on all matters that arise involving the seeking of legal advice and to report to the Governing Body on any recommendations which are received from the lawyers following the obtaining of such legal advice.

1.16          To set up and approve a Governors’ Expenses Scheme.

1.17          To review Governors Competencies and discuss Training and Development needs annually.

1.18          To keep under review the procedures, and to ensure they are appropriately implemented, for Staff recruitment and training for safer recruitment (Bichard requirements), the policies on Staff sickness, discipline and grievances and the criteria and procedures for redundancy, pensions and early retirement and to ensure that Staff are consulted and kept informed as appropriate.

1.19          To work with the Achievement & Curriculum Committee to ensure the School has appropriate arrangements in place to provide for the necessary monitoring, support and assessment of Newly Qualified Teachers.

1.20          To draw up for Governing Body approval and keep under review a policy on Staff consultation, and to undertake consultation as and when appropriate.

1.21          To draw up a performance management policy and pay policy for approval by the Governing Body, to keep these policies under review (annually for the performance management policy) and ensure that all teachers are appraised in accordance with statutory requirements and that all non-teaching staff are appraised in accordance with the School’s policy.  In addition, to oversee its implementation within the School to maximise the training and development opportunities for all staff, having particular regard to the School Development Plan.

1.22          In respect of Teachers’ pension administration, ensure effective arrangements are maintained by the School to enable the School to fulfil its statutory duties in relation to all teachers in the School.

1.23          Suspend, or end the suspension from duty of any member of Staff.  Where appropriate, the lifting of suspension is a responsibility that may be exercised by the Headteacher acting jointly with either the Chair of Governors or the Chair of the Resources Committee.

1.24          The statutory Staff Dismissal Committee shall determine whether any person employed to work at the School should cease to work there. This determination shall be subject to the right of appeal by the individual to the statutory Dismissal Appeal Committee.  The Chair of the Resources Committee must approve all dismissal payments.

1.25          To report to the Secretary of State for Education any dismissal of a teacher for misconduct even if he or she resigns in time to avoid being formally dismissed.

1.26          Consider and determine applications for premature retirement. Where such decisions would have long term cost implications for the School’s budget share, the prior agreement of the Governing Body or the Resources Committee, as appropriate, is required.  The Chair of the Resources Committee must approve all early retirement.

1.27          Together with the Achievement & Curriculum and Students, Parents & Community Committees, to ensure that the School secures the right of each student, irrespective of social background, culture, race, gender and differences in ability and disabilities, to the appropriate number of areas of learning so as to develop the knowledge, understanding, skills and attitudes necessary for their self-fulfilment and development as an active and responsible citizen.

1.28          Undertake any formal consultations on personnel matters not included above.

1.29          To approve, monitor and review a health and safety policy that complies with legislation and to ensure that appropriate checks and assessments are carried out and prioritised for necessary action.

1.30          To review the School’s contingency plan for emergency situations.

1.31          To review the School’s security arrangements in relation to theft, vandalism and arson and to recommend action as appropriate.

1.32          To formulate and maintain a policy on the community use of the School, including Extended Schools provision, and to review the lettings and charges.

1.33          To ensure that recommendations from external reviews of the School are addressed by the Headteacher and Staff in setting the priorities for the School Development Plan and the Ofsted Action Plan.