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The South East London Science Learning Partnership (SLP) was established in Autumn 2014 as the 51st partnership in the National STEM Learning Network.

Science Learning Partnerships combine local expertise in teaching and learning in science, facilitating CPD, and providing school-to-school support.

They are led by local teaching school alliances, schools and colleges with excellence in science, higher education institutions, and other local partners with cutting-edge expertise in science.

Led by Newstead Wood School, the South East London SLP works collaboratively to design opportunities, together with our expert presenters, to help you to provide the very best science education for your students.

In addition to our published timetable of CPD courses, we offer bespoke CPD to meet your schools specific needs.

Through the DfE funded Triple Science Support Programme we work with Secondary schools over a two year period to develop their Triple Science offer. The DfE also allow us to work with Priority Primary Schools to give fully funded CPD support to develop Science Teaching and Learning. 

For further information, please contact  or visit the Triple Science website