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Health, Wellbeing and Support

Emotional Health and Wellbeing

Social and Emotional Wellbeing refers to a state of positive mental health and wellness. It involves a sense of optimism, confidence, happiness, clarity, achievement, supportive and satisfying relationships with others, and a sense of understanding oneself whilst responding to one’s own emotions.

 At Newstead Wood School we recognise that there are times when it is possible that you may need some extra support and help to manage unfamiliar situations and feelings.


“I need to talk to someone…”

Who can I talk to in school?

  • Your Form Tutor
  • Your Director of Learning or Assistant Director of Learning
  • The Student Support Manager, Mrs Macgregor (based in the Student Support Room)
  • The School Counsellor – make an appointment with your Director of Learning
  • Any member of staff in the school community will be willing to listen and try to help you if you ask them

Our pastoral team is well experienced and able to provide support in school. Whilst, we aim to support in every way we can there is a wide range of external support available which maybe a good starting point for you if you need additional support and guidance. 

Click each of these links for further information:

School Counselling                  Useful Websites

 Following the awful events in London and Manchester, we know that some students may feel more anxious and worried. This leaflet  is aimed at helping cope with stress following a traumatic incident. Remember, students can talk to any member of staff, particularly those listed above, if they want to talk.