Newstead Wood School

Newstead Wood School

Year 9 Science

In Years 8 and 9, science is taught separately as Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Your daughter will have one lesson per week of each subject which will usually be taught by a separate teacher.

Topics taught in Year 9 are as follows:


Year 9

Autumn Term

Plants and Photosynthesis; Food and Digestion; Reactions and Displacement; Salts; Waves

Spring Term

Electricity; Ceramics; Ecological Relationships

Summer Term

Start GCSE topics

How can you help your daughter?

  • Encourage her to use scientific vocabulary and display key words around the house.
  • Test her regularly on topics covered.
  • Check her homework.
  • Get her to discuss what she has done in science lessons and get her to teach you some science every week.
  • Watch relevant television programmes.

Useful Websites and Books

Each year in September we offer the opportunity to purchase a study guide and workbook for KS3 Science.

Moodle contains a wealth of resources to support learning. Depending on your daughters interests, magazines such as How it Works, New Scientist or National Geographic are all available which will help broaden your daughters understanding and appreciation of Science.


  • Regular end of topic tests take place in class at the end of each topic.
  • ‘Working scientifically’ will be assessed through practical activities in class and mini investigations completed during the year.
  • Your daughter will be encouraged to self-assess her work and reflect on progress at certain points in each topic.
  • At the end of the year, there will be an end of year exam which covers all topics taught during the year.

Head of Science: Mr A Blount

Head of Biology: Dr E Tabor

Head of Chemistry: Mr A Begbey

Head of Physics: Miss L Denton